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South Bank & West End Beer Tour | Craft Beer Reviewer

20 April, 2015

Beer tour at Charming Squire function spaces Click here for the full outline One of Australia’s best beer writers and most knowledgeable craft beer experts is conducting some great tours for beer-lovers in Brisbane. These tours introduce beer-lovers to craft beer through visiting some of most popular craft beer destinations in Brisbane. Mantle Group owned and operated The Charming Squire…

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Craft Beer Reviewer | The Charming Squire brewer

20 March, 2015

James Squire Brewer Profile | Robert Freshwater Click here for the full story What was your first brew? For The Charming Squire it was “Going Once” – a Pale Ale using exclusively Galaxy hops. In terms of my professional brewing career it was Hahn Premium (the original version). Of course before that there were numerous home brews (both great and…

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Artichoke Magazine | The Charming Squire

3 March, 2015

The Charming Squire has been featured in Artichoke Magazine, an architecture magazine that displays brilliance in design in all industries and has commended The Charming Squire, Collins and Turner, Baber Studio and D’Occhio. Click here for the full article    

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The Charming Squire Beer Club | Eat Southbank

15 February, 2015

Brew Bar | Beer Club The Charming Squire Beer Club has launched at Brisbane’s James Squire brew bar and restaurant, and Eat Southbank are absolutely loving it, so much so that they have written about it. Click here for the full story This exclusive club will be lucky enough to get the first tastings of new seasonal beers brewed on-site,…

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The Charming Squire opening night video

26 September, 2014

A short video of The Charming Squire opening night was created to share the fun of the evening. Guests were treated to a beautiful menu of food and matching beer. The band Good Oak entertained guests including local residents, businesses, VIP guests and cherished customers of Mantle Group. Click here to view the video

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The Charming Squire comes to Brisbane

24 June, 2014

James Squire was an explorer, a pioneer, an adventurer, a risk-taker, a mould-breaker and a rogue. But above all, he was a charmer (just ask his four ‘wives’), the kind of man who could turn any evening into a great night. As far as history reveals, though, he never visited Brisbane – until now… Click here for a sneak peak…

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