Tai Tai

Tai Tai  is proudly named after the Jenny Mantle’s ancestral great, great grandmother who was, as the title refers to, Tai Tai.

Traditionally, Tai Tai (太太) means the head wife of many wives of her husband. Foremost, her responsibilities in the household would be in the kitchen with many cooks. Tai Tai’s helpers would source the best local and regional ingredients. Together with Tai Tai they would work tirelessly to deliver food with sublime tastes and textures.

Tai Tai was honoured, revered and many sought her favour. In particular, other wives of her merchant husband as she welded much power and influence within the extended family. Her husband travelled away often to trade in commodities and thus the Tai Tai was left to run the household. Tai Tai maintained dominance over the other wives and dictated the entitlements of other wives and family members.

Tai Tai passed down her many recipes to descendants and today, we are fortunate to have inherited her love of cooking. Over time, Tai Tai’s way of blending flavour and using food for wellbeing has been ingrained in our own cooking pursuits and we understand that Tai Tai wished for not the exclusivity of her recipes but instead for us to embrace the idea of infusing ideas.

The menu at Tai Tai is designed to share, as we believe that food is best enjoyed in good company. We encourage you to share our dishes in order to experience the diversity in our menu. Join us to eat (and drink) to Tai Tai’s philosophy; Live to eat, do not eat to live.