Mantle Group has its own herd of Black Angus cattle in the hills of Bilambil Heights, NSW, which provides all of the restaurants with top-quality veal. For beef supplies, they have partnered with one of Australia’s top trusted breeders, Signature Beef, to provide them with their own line of Kimberley Red.

Organic herbs, curry leaves, fruit, kaffir limes and galangal are grown at Mantle Group’s own specialty farm at Pullenvale in the western suburbs of Brisbane.

Development of BIGL Cocoa Plantations

The first step in the rehabilitation of the plantations is consultation and agreement with traditional local landowners and the ABG (Autonomous Bougainville Government). This process is being undertaken under the leadership of Peter Tareasi a Bougainvillian.

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The plantations are owned by Bougainville Islands Group Ltd (BIGL), which have approval from the Investment Promotion Authority of Papua New Guinea (IPA) to operate plantations.

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Mantle Group aim to develop a sustainable cycle from the farm or plantation to the end customer with a view of optimising the benefits both the company and the community, in which they operate.

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Papua New Guinea

Many years ago, Mantle Group identified that there were several key opportunities in Papua New Guinea. They are currently completing the acquisition of approximately 12,000 hectares in Bougainville of some of the best cocoa plantation land in the world. This project will create much-needed jobs, inject the local economy and deliver a truly sustainable project.

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