Our Team

Mantle Group has been operating for the past 38 years and employs around 500 staff.
See below for brief profiles of the Mantle Group management team.

Godfrey Mantle Managing Director

Godfrey Mantle is the Managing Director and owner, with his wife Jenny, of a portfolio of businesses and investments in property development, hospitality and agriculture.

Godfrey started his own landscaping business while completing a BA and LLB (Hons) at the University of Queensland.

Apart from a short stint in the Commonwealth Schools Commission he has always been a business owner. Jenny Mantle has been a partner in these businesses since they met shortly after Godfrey sold his landscape business and established property and hospitality businesses in 1979.

Godfrey’s leadership strength is reflected in his ability to hire and nurture exceptional management teams long-term. He maintains a close relationship with the key people within each of his businesses to ensure operating procedures and delivery details adhere to the business’ guiding principles..

At the same time Godfrey leads his team with transparency and trust, to encourage in innovation and persistence in business growth and development.

Jenny Mantle Co-Owner

Jenny Mantle has a Physiotherapy Degree from the University of Queensland. She joined Godfrey in the hospitality business and has been involved in the industry for over 33 years, assisting in overseeing the overall corporate strategy and operations of the group.

Jenny was appointed by the State Government to serve as a Board Member for Events Queensland, to win and draw major events to Queensland in 1997.

Jenny’s focus and strength is on developing and nurturing staff at all levels, resulting in high retention levels and longevity of service of a strong pool of permanent staff. Jenny is also the group’s Director of Food and Culinary Operations, responsible for developing food concepts and direction to meet market demand and expectations.

Jenny is instrumental and responsible for all key culinary appointments and works closely with Godfrey to develop new group brands, outlets and source new opportunities to further improve business development.

Both Godfrey and Jenny take a long-term approach to business. This allows a focus on quality with staff and business assets.

Arj Rupesinghe CEO

Arj Rupesinghe started work with Mantle Group as a student in 1996 and remained with the company after completing his Bachelor of Business Degree at Griffith University. Arj has had outstanding success in building businesses with quality and innovation, to become clear market leaders.

His strength is in creating and retaining exceptional staff and management, and working with them long-term to build strong customer bases.

Arj has strong financial management skills focused on revenue growth and cost control. He has developed for the group a philosophy of keen and attractive pricing for customers, made possible by careful management of business costs. The savings generated are passed on to customers.

Arj has developed a strategic approach of pricing to ensure repeat business and revenue growth. He has excellent relationships with suppliers, corporate customers, sporting groups, community and student groups, and has developed an international network of customers and supporters for the businesses he controls.

Jon Darlington CFO

Jon Darlington has a Bachelor of Business from Victoria University in Melbourne.

Prior to joining Mantle Group, Jon had a successful career in the hospitality and food service industries with Rydges Group (hotel accommodation, function rooms and restaurants).

As the state Commercial Manager for food services group, John Lewis, Jon turned the company around from a very substantial loss to reporting profits over a four-year period.

As CFO of Mantle Group, Jon has implemented strong and transparent financial targets and controls for all divisions of the business. He developed an open reporting system and implemented weekly budget and performance meetings to carefully grow revenue and control costs.

He has ensured strict compliance with all tax and regulatory aspects of the businesses, and has ensured careful management of group assets and data. Jon has overseen constant innovation in information and reporting systems and is currently developing a remote file portal to allow remote information sharing for all aspects of Mantle Group businesses.

As a key driver of business growth in Mantle Group, Jon has provided the financial backbone of feasibility analysis – often working with expert consultants over a wide-range of existing and proposed Mantle Group businesses.

Deniz Coskun Executive Chef

Deniz Coskun is Executive Chef for Mantle Group Hospitality and is responsible for all culinary staff, culinary standards and menu development.

Deniz develops quality standards and controls with an emphasis on innovation, food safety and consistency. This incorporates central purchasing, functions and banquets, production and the openings of new venues.

Prior to joining Mantle Group, Deniz was Head Chef at the Queensland Art Gallery and Bretts Wharf Group, with award-winning restaurants and extensive event and banquet catering.

Shirley Li International Business Relations Manager

Shirley Li is Mantle Group’s International Business Relations Manager.

Shirley has worked for Mantle Group since 2006 and is fluent in both Mandarin and English.

Shirley has an international business degree from Brisbane’s Griffith University and a Diploma of Hotel Management from Queensland Institute of Business and Technology.

Prior to joining Mantle Group, Shirley worked for leading hotel brand Hilton Group as part of their business and conference team.