About Us


About us

Mantle Group Hospitality, owned by Godfrey and Jenny Mantle, is an established group of companies and trusts that has been operating in Queensland since 1979. Mantle Group Hospitality is fully accountable, transparent and committed to best business practices. Over the past 38 years, Godfrey and Jenny have amassed invaluable experience as owner-operators of privately owned leading venues and hospitality services. The successful business models and systems have been applied across the many facets of the group. Godfrey and Jenny have built each of their businesses into thriving operations through innovation, commitment, protocol, exceptional financial management and sheer hard work. This recipe is a core ingredient across every venue within Mantle Group Hospitality.

Guiding principle

The guiding principle of Mantle Group Hospitality is to treasure customers. Experience shows that when Mantle Group Hospitality businesses adopt this principle strong, sustainable and profitable business growth follows.


Mantle Group Hospitality is a committed participant within the community that which the businesses are based. The team has a strong interest in sports, medical services, education, services to the homeless and the environment. Mantle Group Hospitality supports the democratic process through disclosed donations to the major political parties in Australia.


Mantle Group Hospitality is committed to sustainability and best environmental practices both philosophically and practically throughout all businesses interests.