Charming Squire beer club

The Charming Squire Beer Club | Good Guide

February 17, 2015

Beer Club | Good Guide

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The self-proclaimed fabulous Kylie Dadson from The Good Guide has given us a fantastic wrap-up of the very first Charming Squire Beer Club meetup.

This exclusive beer club event featured tours of the on-site brewery, exclusive tastings of new to the market beers and an appearance from Australia’s godfather of brewing, Dr. Chuck Hahn in the house of Australia’s first brewer, James Squire.

Here’s what Kylie had to say: “If there is no better reason than to drink a cold one any day of the week it’s to meet the man behind the brew,Dr Chuck Hahn. We’re talking the Sir Richard Branson of Aussie swill here. The man who started the Hahn brewery back in 1998 and is currently the number 1 boutique brewer in Australia. And yes ladies, that Superdry low carb beer. Roll forward into 2014/15 and he introduced us to the local bar charms of The Charming Squires prawl in Brisbane’s South.”

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