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Brewsvegas: The Charming Squire x Newstead Brewing Co

February 13, 2015

250 Beers | Brewsvegas collaboration

The beerilliant Darren Magin from 250 beers is as ecstatic as Mantle Group is to announce that The Charming Squire with James Squire brewers is partnering with Newstead Brewing Co to create a speciality collaboration beer the be launched at Brewsvegas, held in Brisbane towards the end of March.

The beer is no ordinary beer, it is a black & tan beer, where The Charming Squire will be responsible for brewing a dark beer and the Newstead Brewing Co will be in charge of the Pale Ale.

Brewsvegas festival is entering its 2nd year, and features some of Brisbane’s best brewing minds, thinking and brewing alike to create a truly unique combination of events and delicious beers.

At the Brewsvegas festival, beer lovers from around Australian will be lucky enough to experience both the dark beer and the pale ale poured together into one pint, to create a unique black and tan beer that will have you wanting more once Brewsvegas comes to a close, as the beer is available for one week only.

Darren Magin, Brisbane beer guru, has written up a great blog post about the collaboration and what it means for craft beer drinkers visiting the Brewsvegas festival.

“We’re all part of a good thing here in Australia. We’re all riding this surge of craft beer that sees its stature grow year on year. More and more bars are stocking the good stuff because more and more people want to drink it. Praise be. Will we ever hear small talk where craft beer isn’t a minority? Who knows.

What we are witnessing is the age of the collaboration where the efforts of brewers joining forces appears ever so commonplace. Brewers are constantly coming up with new ideas for one-off ‘collabs’ in order for it to succeed – or at least grab the interest of the paying public.

Newstead Brewing Co seem to have made a name for themselves as the Kings of Collab. Since the brewery’s inception in December 2013, the brewers there have opened their arms to combine with other brewers/breweries for a total of 19 different beers – 10 of which will be unveiled during Brewsvegas.

One local collaboration for Brewsvegas that will stop many Australian beer lovers in their tracks is the joint efforts by James Squire and Newstead Brewing Co. – a first for the established Lion brand.”