Sports Bar Brisbane: Pig ‘N’ Whistle Riverside

15 September, 2015

Sports Bar Brisbane   Brisbane’s Premier sports destination and the undisputed home of football, Pig ‘N’ Whistle Riverside has been dubbed by the Queensland Hotels Association as the best sports bar in Brisbane. CLICK HERE FOR PAGE 1 | CLICK HERE FOR PAGE 2 This comes off the back of a FAN-tastic few years of sport at the venue, being the…

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Restaurants Indooroopilly

Restaurants Indooroopilly | QHA Feature Pig ‘N’ Whistle

18 August, 2015

Restaurants Indooroopilly | QHA Feature   Pig ‘N’ Whistle Indooroopilly is a FEATURED venue in the August Edition of the Queensland Hotels Association magazine. Click here to check out the amazing article on the new Pig on the block! The revamped Pig ‘N’ Whistle Indooroopilly has been redesigned with the customers in mind, to enhance their overall experience in terms…

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Best pub lunch in Brisbane

The Charming Squire in Architecture AU

10 August, 2015

Bars in Brisbane | The Charming Squire The Charming Squire has had a brilliant article written by Margie Fraser from Architecture AU, click here for the full feature. The venue, since opening, has become renowned for its awe-inspiring architecture and innovation for an urban development, especially for a bar. The Charming Squire brings about the best features in a hospitality…

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USS George Washington

USS George Washington headed to Pig ‘N’ Whistle Riverside | Courier Mail

18 June, 2015

The Courier Mail mentions Pig ‘N’ Whistle Riverside Click here for the full story Mantle Group owned and operated Pig ‘N’ Whistle Riverside is ready to welcome the 6,000 American troops with open arms tomorrow afternoon, as the USS George Washington arrives in Brisbane After receiving a phone call from USS George Washington administration, Pig ‘N’ Whistle Riverside have been…

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Functions Brisbane

Queensland Hotels Association features new Pig ‘N’ Whistle

29 April, 2015

QHA magazine features Pig ‘N’ Whistle Brunswick St  Click here to view the full feature The April Queensland Hotels Association magazine has featured Pig ‘N’ Whistle Brunswick Street as one of Brisbane’s most exciting new venues, with a sprawling bar and beer gardens in an architecturally inspiring heritage listed brick building. The venue opened in July 2014, taking up the…

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functiion spaces

South Bank & West End Beer Tour | Craft Beer Reviewer

20 April, 2015

Beer tour at Charming Squire function spaces Click here for the full outline One of Australia’s best beer writers and most knowledgeable craft beer experts is conducting some great tours for beer-lovers in Brisbane. These tours introduce beer-lovers to craft beer through visiting some of most popular craft beer destinations in Brisbane. Mantle Group owned and operated The Charming Squire…

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Brisbane CBD restaurant

Jimmy’s on the Mall featured in UDIA magazine

2 April, 2015

Brisbane CBD restaurant | Jimmy’s featured in UDIA magazine Urban development is one of the biggest focal points for Brisbane in 2015. Mantle Group owned and operated Brisbane CBD restaurant, Jimmy’s on the Mall has been recognised as one the most advanced venues of its kind according to UDIA organisation. The UDIA do a fantastic job of promoting urban development…

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Brisbane craft beer

Brisbane craft beer | Pig ‘N’ Whistle Brewsvegas event

31 March, 2015

Brisbane craft beer: Brewsvegas and beyond Pig ‘N’ Whistle Brunswick Street was lucky enough to collaborate with Stone & Wood Brewing Co and Fortitude Brewing Company for their Brewsvegas event, Test Your Tastebuds: Guess The Meat. Brewsvegas is the Brisbane craft beer extravaganza, showcasing craft beers, craft beer venues and events and anything related to craft beer in Brisbane over…

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Video: The Charming Squire & Newstead Brewing Co

27 March, 2015

Brewsvegas 2015 video: the launch of the Heads and Tails Black & Tan beer. A collaboration between James Squire, The Charming Squire and Newstead Brewing Co.

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Eat South Bank | The Charming Squire breakfast

26 March, 2015

Breakfast Brisbane | Eat South Bank   Mantle Group owned and operated The Charming Squire has an exceptional new breakfast menu, the characterises everything a great breakfast should be – wholesome, large and hearty to get your day off to the right start. The menu features a very broad range of breakfast treats and is served up in The Brewer’s…

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My City Life – Dinner at Pig ‘N’ Whistle Brunswick St

26 March, 2015

Dinner in Brisbane | Pig ‘N’ Whistle Brunswick St   CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL STORY The down to earth and brilliantly talented food writer Lady Lex from My City Life has been to Pig ‘N’ Whistle Brunswick Street and reviewed the venue after an amazing dinner. The dinner involved three courses: For entrée – The signature pulled pork rolls…

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Craft Beer Reviewer | The Charming Squire brewer

20 March, 2015

James Squire Brewer Profile | Robert Freshwater Click here for the full story What was your first brew? For The Charming Squire it was “Going Once” – a Pale Ale using exclusively Galaxy hops. In terms of my professional brewing career it was Hahn Premium (the original version). Of course before that there were numerous home brews (both great and…

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My City Life | Brewsvegas 2015

16 March, 2015

Click here for the full story Brewsvegas is back for another year. It all taps off this Saturday March 21 with an exciting launch party and Wandering Cooks at Fish Lane. Two Mantle Group owned and operated venues, The Charming Squire and Pig ‘N’ Whistle Brunswick Street are hosting great events in line with Brewsvegas 2015. On Monday March 21,…

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pub in Brisbane

Australian Hotelier Magazine | The Charming Squire

12 March, 2015

The Charming Squire has been featured in the Australian Hotelier Magazine in the March edition. The article talks about Brisbane’s most exciting new brewhouse, and Australia’s 5th James Squire brewhouse inspired by the rogue convict-turner brewer responsible for introducing Australia to some fine beers. The point of difference for The Charming Squire is that the whole James Squire beer range…

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Artichoke Magazine | The Charming Squire

3 March, 2015

The Charming Squire has been featured in Artichoke Magazine, an architecture magazine that displays brilliance in design in all industries and has commended The Charming Squire, Collins and Turner, Baber Studio and D’Occhio. Click here for the full article    

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Charming Squire beer club

The Charming Squire Beer Club | Good Guide

17 February, 2015

Beer Club | Good Guide Click here for the full story The self-proclaimed fabulous Kylie Dadson from The Good Guide has given us a fantastic wrap-up of the very first Charming Squire Beer Club meetup. This exclusive beer club event featured tours of the on-site brewery, exclusive tastings of new to the market beers and an appearance from Australia’s godfather…

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brew bar

The Charming Squire Beer Club | Eat Southbank

15 February, 2015

Brew Bar | Beer Club The Charming Squire Beer Club has launched at Brisbane’s James Squire brew bar and restaurant, and Eat Southbank are absolutely loving it, so much so that they have written about it. Click here for the full story This exclusive club will be lucky enough to get the first tastings of new seasonal beers brewed on-site,…

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newstead brewing james squire

Brewsvegas: The Charming Squire x Newstead Brewing Co

13 February, 2015

250 Beers | Brewsvegas collaboration The beerilliant Darren Magin from 250 beers is as ecstatic as Mantle Group is to announce that The Charming Squire with James Squire brewers is partnering with Newstead Brewing Co to create a speciality collaboration beer the be launched at Brewsvegas, held in Brisbane towards the end of March. The beer is no ordinary beer,…

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Mantle & Moon craft coffee | World Class Barista

9 February, 2015

Mantle & Moon craft coffee Mantle & Moon craft coffee head roaster Jolie Beckett has been accepted into the 2015 world Coffee Masters competition at the prestigious London Coffee Festival The International Coffee Masters will be held at The London Coffee Festival 2015 at The Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane, from April 30 – May 3, 2015. Check out Jolie’s…

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The Charming Squire | Deniz Coskun

4 February, 2015

This Charming Squire, Deniz Coskun, who is the executive chef of Mantle Group has been featured on the Eat South Bank website. Click here to see Deniz Coskun’s profile

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The Charming Squire | Nick Baker

4 February, 2015

This Charming Squire, Nick Baker, who is the head chef of Mantle Group owned and operated The Charming Squire has been featured on the Eat South Bank website. Click here to see Nick Baker’s profile

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Super feasts for the Super Bowl at Pig ‘N’ Whistle

28 January, 2015

Join any of the Mantle Group venues next Monday February 2 for Super Bowl XLIX! Knowledgable Brisbane foodie group Gourmand And Gourmet have come up with their pick of the bunch for the best spots in Brisbane to watch Super Bowl XLIX next Monday February 2. Mantle Group owned and operated Pig ‘N’ Whistle Riverside is amongst the best locations…

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The Ultimate Guide to Australia Day celebrations

22 January, 2015

My City Life | Australia Day parties The great folk from My City Life have come up with their ideal list of venues for Australia Day celebrations on Monday January 26. Pig ‘N’ Whistle Brunswick Street and The Charming Squire were amongst those selected in this year’s not to be missed Australia Day parties. Support the lucky country in the…

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Mantle & Moon coffee appreciation | My City Life

13 January, 2015

Mantle & Moon craft coffee appreciation session Mantle & Moon head roaster barista Jolie Beckett hosts an informative session looking at the different origins of coffee beans. Jolie is frequently invited to attend as a judge for the industry awards, and her coffee won three national awards at the 2014 Golden Bean competition. Explore this journey firsthand with Jolie, starting…

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Pig ‘N’ Whistle featured on Channel 7 | Football FEVER

11 January, 2015

Pig ‘N’ Whistle | Brisbane’s Home of Football | AFC Asian Cup   The AFC Asian Cup is in full swing, with fans from all over Asia tuned into the television or flocking to the streets of Brisbane to show their support for their country. Mantle Group’s Pig ‘N’ Whistle Riverside has been the home of football in Brisbane for…

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